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    We are a very renowned name in the Mining and Exploration Sector of Pakistan, as our team is comprised of outstanding members who have been in the field for more than three decades.

    The team has experience in exploration, exploitation of minerals and gems, and we have experts available who have done this in various parts of Pakistan.

    The minerals that we have worked on include, Dolomite, Onyx (Green Marble), Marble, Building Stone and Chromite, to name a few we have worked on.

    The expert services we offer are for amongst others:

    • Iron Ore Exploration and Mining
    • Planning of Exploration Programs
    • Conducting Mineral Prospecting
    • Topographical Mapping
    • Geological Structure Analysis
    • Detailed Data Analysis and Compilation
    • Geo – Physical Studies for the determination of anomalous zones
    • Making Drill hole plans
    • Cross Sectional Analysis of the Land

    Our team has worked on Nokkundi Iron Ore Exploration Project,

    Sargodha Iron Ore Exploration Project,

    Kalabagh Iron Deposits,

    Jhimpir Dolomite Project and many others.

    All this means that we are one of the best option for any customer who wants a company to do any mining and exploration work for them, and our competitive rates and professional management ensures that the project will be completed with utter efficiency and minimum of fuss.